Real Assist

End to End Dynamic Intelligence of Real Estate for Buyers and Developers

Why Real Assist?

India being a developing economy, we are growing exponentially in regards to urbanisation and vertical expansion of residential areas. Lack of knowledge of markets on a hyperlocal basis creates very long lead cycles leading to losses for developers. No A.I. and ML-based solutions for Customer Profiling lead to inefficiencies in categorizing the right prospects.

Since the development projects are skyrocketing, it becomes imperative for developers to strategically figure high investment and a low-cost unification. With the advent of technologically-enabled systems, Real Estate can witness the augmentation of improved decision-making through A.I. and can benefit the Developers as well as the Consumers at mass.

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We are providing end-to-end solutions to cater to the needs of the buyers and users to have a seamless experience and elevate the process of property hunting.

Artificially Intelligent Nurturing Bot

  • Understands the behaviour of the potential buyer
  • Empathetically engages with the buyer with a personal touch
  • Understands their needs and sensitive areas
  • Able to match their needs with property features using A.I.
  • Guides them in real-time towards the right property

Micro Market Intelligence on Real Estate

  • Ideal Buyers of any region identified and shared (dynamic profiling)
  • List of Real Time-Sensitive Areas while marketing a property
  • Ideal Pricing
  • Ideal Life Cycle of a Lead for that region
  • Ideal Growth Potential of Real Estate in that Region (with a hyperlocal list of high growth areas)

End to End Property Planning Tools

  • Property Evaluation Report- helps in deciding whether to go for a particular property
  • Ideal Theme and Ideal Customer Profiling for a Property (Dynamic)
  • Ideal Amenities and Pricing Report- based on what can sell the most
  • Real-Time Recommendations on Marketing Strategies at all Levels
  • Integration with Sales Partners if required

A.I. Guide for Buyers

  • Guides Buyers on everything that they need, becoming their end to end trusted guide
  • Guides Brokers with the right properties and the right buyers
  • Helps Citizens and Governments in deciding the right real estate policies on a hyperlocal level
  • Become the one-stop source for all granular real-time intelligence with empathetic and perceptive inputs, transforming the real estate industry

How do we do it?


Real Assist is a Joint Venture between
Sapio Analytics and Thar & Co.

A new age data analytics firm, we have worked with multiple agencies towards providing an effective data-driven policy recommendation, helping them empower the citizens as well as governance.

TCFPL is a financial services platform that leverages technology and data science to make lending quick and easy.

With Sapio and Thar, end to end Intelligence powered by A.I. will help developers make the right plans, nurture the right leads, and increase sales with a low-cost infusion.

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